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As individually created people we have an immense privilege over the angels. You may recall that the angel that appeared to Cornelius in the book of Acts 10 was not allowed to mention the name of Jesus or speak to him about salvation, but we are. That’s because that holy and high privilege was and still is reserved for men and women, people like you and me. All the angel was allowed to say was “Now send men to Joppa and send for Simon Peter (shortened from Acts 10:5). This mighty angel from the depths of heaven had to bow to Peter’s higher privilege as a man rather than an angel.

An great way to spread His Gospel message is through the power of radio. The cost compared to alternative media is very inexpensive and radio can be tailored to a specific outreach, be that raising awareness for a cause or ministry, increasing congregation size of fulfilling the Lord’s calling to spread the Gospel message. And because radio is a passive medium as opposed to say print or television, people can do other things while engaging with a radio message. This is a huge plus in our busy lives today.

Time is of the essence in fact the Bible speaks of it as “imminence”. And while the Gospel is eternal we don’t have eternity to preach it. Each of us has an individual “call to action” right now to do his or her part to reach as many souls as possible and save them into the eternal salvation. There are literally hundreds of ways in which to do this.

Most recently technology and the media has opened up new doors as never before to flood the gates of heaven and while within that hundreds of individual ways to make known salvation through Christ. One excellent way that has been tried and proven true is that of broadcast radio.

In addition, radio can be individualized. Because there are so many smaller and unique stations and such a wide variety of formats, radio is truly one of the few communications platforms that can be custom tailored to an individual calling. As one example let’s say a church, ministry or humanitarian cause wants to move beyond the “four walls” of their current outreach, radio represents and excellent way to do this with very little outlay of resource. That’s because it is easy to produce radio content – often times existing sermons can be modified for radio – and it is relatively inexpensive.

It is also to move your outreach from say a Christian radio station format to Country, where the scope of actual converted Christian listeners may indeed be fewer, those ripe for the harvest may indeed be plenty – something God calls upon us in the Book of Acts to more than just consider.

There are several great resources to learn more about how you can utilize radio to increase awareness for your ministry and utilize radio for a Gospel outreach, several of which can be found on the internet search “gospel radio today” to learn more.

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